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Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter can be said to remedy anything

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What has Tumblr done for you?

Just thinking about my Tumblrlove today. Do you think you’re more curious/passionate about something because of Tumblr? Better at something?

I think I’m making a much better effort at keeping up with news/blogs in the field of libraries. And I hope I’m doing a better job of standing up for myself/others in real life when people cross a line that should not be crossed.

So what about you? I’m all ears.image

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  1. thegloballibrarian answered: Living in Astana, I could basically be living on the moon (as far as networking goes, and also temperature). Tumblr keeps me connected!
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    One thing I’ve been looking for online, but haven’t had great luck finding, is librarians of color. Anyone have some...
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    I was thinking about this last night, and tumblr has definitely been a huge part of my social networking and even...
  4. extabulis answered: Definitely better at keeping up with professional news/blogs. I’ve also increased my number of TV/movie/book fandoms (clearly more impt).
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