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Slight dream career panic?

So, library science people, if I have my heart set on working in an academic library, what happens in that limbo between graduating with my MLIS and getting a second masters? Will I be working public reference desks for experience or is there something I can do in the academic setting that doesn’t require two masters? Or is that a myth and there are academic librarians that don’t have two masters? Arghhhhhh

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  1. sassybonesmccoy answered: you don’t strictly need a second masters. most of the librarians at my undergraduate institution only had the MLIS.
  2. cathylibrary answered: Depends on the institution. Mine would like 2 masters, but I got my job with the MLS. Job experience is more valuable than degrees.
  3. jasonwdean said: I think experience is more important that a second master’s…
  4. thepinakes answered: 2 masters for academic librarians is indeed a myth. It’s only needed for the subject specialists at the ARL institutions.
  5. librarianreactions answered: A lot of that will depend on what kind of academic library and what you want to do in one. Not all academic librarians have two masters.
  6. catchingthetradewinds answered: I’m no expert, and I’ve only just started my MLIS, but I know there are programs where you can get both masters degrees at the same time…
  7. ptomlins answered: There are definitely academic librarians without two masters. It depends completely on the institution.
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